Acne-Tea Creamy Gel

Acne-Tea Creamy Gel

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Going from Acne to a clear complexion can be a beautiful life changing experience. Acne is not just a problem at the surface of the skin. Starting at the source of the problem is the important thing. Knowing that there are many products to treat acne and knowing that many of them have adverse, harmful effect on human health, leads us to look for Herbal Acne Treatments.


ACNE-Tea Creamy Gel contains Tea tree oil as active ingredient, in addition to Olive Leaf Extract, both proved to be very effective antimicrobial substances, besides their auto-immune stimulation effect.
It is oil free, it penetrates pores and allows skin to heal and prevent new acne blemishes from forming and promotes a clear, healthy looking complexion.

Content: 60 cc

clean the skin thoroughly before applying ACNE-Tea Creamy Gel.
(Best with ACNE- Tea Facial Wash). Cover the entire affected area with a thin layer, using fingertips to pat the gel until is completely absorbed.

Notes & Warnings:
For external use only.
Keep out of reach of children.