About Us

Raed – Beauty & Care Code - Cosmetics Co


  • A National company operating with the hands of qualified, scientific and practical Palestinian team.
  • The company built its own factory outfitted with State-of-the-art and quality systems.
  • The company is licensed by the Ministry of health and pharmaceutical control department in Palestine.
  • The company complies with the specifications issued by the Ministry of health, as well as global specifications.
  • The company produces  the finest types of cosmetics and personal care products.
  • The company employs world best raw materials with an emphasis on what is available in Palestine such as olive oil and olive leaf extract.
  • The company keep pace with scientific developments in the world and keeps continuous innovation  and improvement of its products.
  • The company account at all stages of manufacturing to preserve and not contaminating the environment.
  • The company always strives to emerge products that  wins the consumer satisfaction.



  • The company has a clear vision of what the consumers need and try to fulfill their needs by providing high quality national products with affordable prices and international qualifications.
  • Increase the whole sales amount gradually and positively participating in the national economy.
  • Increase man power gradually.
  • Increase its market share in the local area; enter the Arabic market and the World market gradually.