Hydrosol 25 SPF Lotion

Hydrosol 25 SPF Lotion

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Moisturizing Day Lotion with Sun Protection 
Hypoallergenic - Water Resistant

Contains Organic special UV Filters which were chosen according to the latest scientific innovations and are maximally effective with minimum side effects. 
It is especially suitable for face and neck and under make up, to prevent the harm effect of the sun and ultra violet radiations (UVA & UVB ).
Hydrosol lotion is available in many SPF concentrations according to the needs and type of the skin.
High SPF concentrations are recommended for protecting the skin in swimming and sunbathing, especially for children. 

Content: 125 cc

Lightly massage moisturizer onto skin, using finger tips.
Leave for a few moments to allow the cream to be absorbed before applying make up.
Notes & Warnings:
Avoid contact with eyes. 
For external use only.
Keep out of reach of children.