Acne-Tea Facial Wash

Acne-Tea Facial Wash

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ACNE- Tea Facial Wash contains Tea Tree Oil and Menthol as active ingredients. It is a mild cleanser, soap free and fragrance free, suitable to take care of sensitive skin which may suffer from skin problems such as acne.

ACNE- Tea Facial Wash refreshes without harming delicate facial skin. It helps cleanse skin and leave it clean without drying and restores natural PH balance.

Content: 200 cc

pour a little onto fingertips and massage into a wet face. Rinse thoroughly with running water (It is important to emphasize that the user does not leave the wash on the skin, as this will lead to skin dryness). ACNE- Tea Facial Wash is also great as a body wash.
Notes & Warnings: 
For external use only.
Store in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight.