Acti-Thyme Spray

Acti-Thyme Spray

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Organic Natural Ingredients 
Thyme - Tea Tree Oil - Eucalyptus

Acti-Thyme is excellent in controlling Foot odor, which is a type of body odor that affects the feet and is generally considered to be an unpleasant smell. 
Acti-Thyme exhibits direct instant results in dealing with bad foot odor. From the first application there are detectable results, and full control is achieved after one week of proper use. 

Content: 70 cc

Apply Acti-Thyme Spray to cover the entire area to be treated, allow 3 minutes to dry. Use Acti-Thyme spray twice a day. Use for 2 weeks after the complete disappearance of symptoms, and once a week as a prophylactic measure to prevent recurrence. 

Notes & Warnings:
Acti-Thyme contains alcohol, which is inflammable subtance, so keep the product far away from any source of heat or fire. 
Don't spray the product near the eyes. 
For external use only.
Keep in a cool dark place below 25 Celsius, away from reach of children.